Facebook ads – clicks but no sales. Where you’re Going Wrong


Facebook ads – clicks but no sales. Where you’re Going Wrong

  1. You might be targeting the wrong people 

Facebook is a great place to promote your business and attract more people towards your website. 1 billion+ people use Facebook ads for the promotion of their business. It gives you the facility to show ads to only some of the people are seem like they are genuinely interested and they do check out the ads. But what if it is not targeting the right people then those Ads is wastage of money. For targeting the right people and get the full benefit of the money used in ads you must target the right audience. Know about your customers like their quirks and characteristics and this will help you to set up the ads for the right people and more people will reach to your landing page.


  1. You might be doing something wrong while bidding

Your Facebook ads aren’t working because you are doing something wrong while bidding. You might be bidding the wrong amount or you might be choosing the wrong bidding option. If you are choosing an automatic option and ignoring manual one where you decide the bidding amount, per clicks and still you aren’t getting any results then try the manual one and fix the amount. If you are still not getting any results then try to raise the price and still if you aren’t getting any results then there might be something wrong with your targeting. Go back and have a look.


  1. Is your ad attractive?

If there is no problem in the above-mentioned steps and you are doing everything right then something must be wrong with the way your ad looks. Ask yourself as a person if you are seeing that ad will you click at that. Is that ad worth clicking? If the answer is no then make it attractive and make sure it is eye-catchy because no one will look at a plain and simple ad. Add images to it and always make your content crisp and limited in the ad.


  1. Test your ad

The success of an ad doesn’t always solely depend on if you are targeting well or if your biding is right or is it attractive. You have to take risk and experiment on your ads because you never know which will work. While creating your ad make many with different changes in each one. If one doesn’t one and failed to catch eyes then try other then another but don’t stop experimenting.


  1. You aren’t using social proof marketing 

You are probably not using social proof marketing. It is the most trending technique nowadays which will help your business a lot. This kind of marketing uses social proof tools.

There are lots of social proof tools out there but the best one is Fizfy Social Proof. It is the most popular tool which offers lots of notifications and has a lot of distinct features and it is easy to use. It also has affordable pricing.

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