Traffic but No Sales? How to Improve Your Shopify Store


Traffic but No Sales? How to Improve Your Shopify Store

Now it is a very common story in every business. In the starting, they manage to attract the traffic towards the websites but that is only traffic which means people are only coming and they are buying nothing and there are no sales and your conversion rate is pretty low, this scarcity of sales leads to the increase in the bounce rate of the website. You might be found yourself in chaos what to do and what not to. You are probably wondering about your next step so in this case, you need to stop fighting and think how.


1. Is your brand look professional?

You have to ask this question to yourself is your brand look is good looking and look professional? If not make it looks like one because it is one of the first things that buyers see and a professional one catches a lot of eyes. You can hire someone to make it look attractive.


2. Is your content good?

Ask yourself is your content good or not? As it is one of the main things that makes the website looks good. It must be short, up to the mark and attractive. If your website content is long and hard to read and understand than it will drive away your audience away. Good content will attract more people and will increase your sales.


3. Does it look good on your mobile phones?

We all know where most people are active. That is mobile phones because it is easy to carry and many other reasons. Make sure your website is operating well on mobile phones and it looks good on your mobile phones too. A lot of traffic that comes to the website is from mobile phones and people prefer mobile over PC and laptop. Make sure that your website looks the same in mobile phones as it looks at the laptop.


4. Is your website trustworthy?

This is a very important thing to do because if it is not trustworthy no one will come to your website. Increase the trust of people for your website as it will help you in increasing the sales ad also in the long run. You can increase the faith of your customers and make your website trustworthy by different ways like by conducting Q&A for your customers, by conducting video chats with them so that you can solve their queries and by promoting your website on different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


5. Are our payment methods for decreasing your sales?

Ok, so the problem is coming at the shopping cart. That’s the place where you are losing your customers then make sure that you make your pricing and shipping costs innovative so that it will indulge people and give free shipping to your customers and also attract them by giving multiple ways of payment. Make sure that their journey from deciding what they want to buy to the shipping cart is very small and not at all time-consuming. 


6. Are you using Social proof tools?

It is the best way to improve your Shopify store. Use Social Poof Marketing technique to get more sales and increase your conversion rate. With the help of this, your days of getting just click will be long gone. With this technique, you can use Social Proof Tools.

Social Proof Tools are widely used it can be you seen social proof anywhere on the internet. Social Proof play important role in sales & conversion.

You can use social proof tools to show real sales order notifications. These are the notifications that show prove other people are buying from your store and others will also get inspired and will purchase your product as there is social proof. You can create Sales count notifications which show the total number of sales in certain hours like these more than 40+ Powerful widgets which can increase your website conversions.

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