How to Use Social Proof in Your Marketing Strategy


How to Use Social Proof in Your Marketing Strategy

We all know about social proof and how much power it gives to its users. As we all know there are different ways through which you can give social proof in the internet world like through reviews, testimonials etc but the real question here is how to use social proof in marketing?

Down below are some ways that will solve the question.

Use experts 

Using the expert’s statement is a great way to use give social proof to your website. You can use people who are referred to as experts in the industry in which you are operating. Let experts take over your social media account so that you can attract more people and can make more contacts as you will get access to their contacts. In this, you can learn from them as they know how to do things and you can also use experts for making collaboration with you for social media events like for Facebook and Instagram live an also for chatting on Twitter.

Be respectful and appreciate them 

Whenever any big personality mentions you for your good work which is one of the best ways of social proof then show them some respect and appreciate them by thanking them like “thank you for the appreciation or honoured that you like our services” something that will so that you appreciate for what they did for you. These mentions can be from some big influencer and experts that come in your industry or maybe from some big company.

Awards and recognition 

It is one of the best ways to give social proof. When you tell people they can’t trust you and will purchase your product. You must have something that you will show them which will tell whether you are can be trusted or not and for this awards and recognition is a good way. You can use awards and the recognition that you will get after receiving an award is a great way to give social proof. If some prestigious third party is coming and saying that you are producing is good and kind of approving your product then people will start believing you and will purchase your product.

Approval from influencers 

We all know how big influence influencers leave on us. So following influencer marketing is such a huge deal as people will believe more on them than they will do on you. So choosing influencers for endorsing the product is a great way to use social proof in marketing. Ask them to promote your product and when they will give approval to your product people will start believing in your product more than you. Keep this in mind the influencer that you are choosing must come under the industry in which you are operating.

Use Fizfy to give social proof in your marketing

Want to use social proof in your marketing than using Fizfy Social Proof is the best way to do it.

It is the best social proof software tool. Fizfy Social Proof Notification Tool is the most powerful tool which influences visitors and attracts them and also skyrockets sales and conversions at the store. It is the best social proof tool out there. Fizfy helps in increasing Sales, Conversions & Signups.

This software provides 40+ Social Proof widgets which you can use to create Notification widgets at Fizfy Social Proof Notifications. List of Fizfy Notification Widgets:

  1. Recent Activity
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Button Popup
  4. Cookie Notice
  5. Video Notification
  6. Call in Action
  7. Coupon Code
  8. Social Widget
  9. Fizfy Collector
  10. Emoji Ratings
  11. Email Subscriber
  12. Callback Collector
  13. Feedback Collector
  14. Mail Collector
  15. Text Collector
  16. Testimonials
  17. Subscriber Collector
  18. Recent Sales
  19. Sales Count
  20. Active Visitors
  21. Informational Bar
  22. Collector Bar
  23. Coupon Bar
  24. Button Bar
  25. What’s App
  26. Messenger
  27. Viber
  28. WeChat
  29. Telegram
  30. Instagram
  31. Snapchat
  32. Skype
  33. Line

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Pricing of Fizfy is very competitive Pricing starts from $29 with the access of all features which is competitive among other social proof software’s.

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