Fizfy Social Proof Widgets & Features


Fizfy Social Proof Widgets & Features

App Features:

Recent Sales Widget: Recent Sales show real time sales order notification. For example if any customers purchase product at store then real time sales order notification display that influence visitors at store. New Customers when see others are buying your products it increases trust and influences them to make purchases.Customers can grow sales using recent sales widget notification,


Sales Count Widget:  Sales Count shows total number of sales in certain hours, Sales count notifications also work in real time & trustworthy to build trust among visitors by showing real time data of total sales notification in certain time. That influence and grow online sales at Store.

Recent Activity Widget: Recent activity notification can be created at online store in purpose to attract more visitors to buy product at your store. Any kind of recent activity can be customized & its multipurpose widget.

Active Visitors Widget: Active Visitors Notifications also work in real time, that show Live Visitors at store /certain pages or all pages. This Widget impact when other visitors see there are many other visitors viewing and online at same page & store that rise trust and get more orders & sales. That helps in to grow business online.

Social Sharing Widget:  Social Sharing notifications helps to get traffic from Social Platforms, Online Stores can create Social Share notifications and visitors can share on their pages that helps to get traffic at store.

Button Popup Widget:  Button Popup notifications leads to get more orders, attractive notifications can be created and can create download button, buy button as per requirement to lead sales.


FOMO Widget: FOMO widget is use to display at checkout page with Coupon code with Time Limit, That create urgency to customers for make purchase fast otherwise loose deal. So FOMO reduce cart abandonment at stores.

Buy in Button Widget:  Buy in button widget notifications used to grow sell using Cross-selling. Cross-selling is a strategy to sell related products to the one a customer already owns.

Video Notification Widget: Video Notification helps to any promotional video to get views and redirect them to their Youtube Channel. This Widget grows subscriber & viewers. Video notification can be created for any purpose to grow online sales, traffic and views.

Call In Action Widget:  Call in Action is used to grow online sales, Call in action notifications can be customized as per need to get more orders.

Coupon Code Widget: Coupon code widgets help to get more orders by offering discounts to visitors. This helps to raise more orders & sales online.

Social Contact: Social Contact widget notifications can be used at Website & stores, Visitors and customers can contact easily using. Social Contact helps to grow conversion.

 Social Widgets Notifications:  There are 9 Social Widgets Notifications: What’s app, Skype, Messenger, Telegram, Instagram, Viber, Wechat, Line & Snapchat . These widget notifications can be created on any specific pages and visitors & customers can easy to reach store owner and get service satisfaction and also get presales query and raise orders.

Review Widgets: There are 7 Review Widgets at Fizfy : Google reviews, Facebook reviews, Trust Pilot Reviews,Yelp Reviews, Trip Adviser reviews, Glassdoor reviews & Capterra reviews. One of your marketing initiatives is to determine how your company’s online reviews can help you drive sales. Review widget notifications lead sales and conversions.

Display Bar Widgets:  At Fizy there are 5 Display Bar Widgets: Count Down bar, Header Bar,Coupon Bar, Button Bar & Collector Bar, Online Stores can create Bars at Web Pages using these widget tools to capture attention of visitors & customers.

Data Collector Widgets: There are 9 Widget Tools under Data Collector: Fizfy Collector, Emoji ratings, Email Subscriber, Call Back collector, Feedback collector, Mail Collector, text Collector, Customer Reviews & Subscriber Collector. Data collector widgets can be used to collect visitors & customers data , like Email Subscribers , Phone Contact , Visitors feedback , Text Message feedback , Emails , Emoji feedbacks , Collect Reviews many more.

Build Customers data through those widget notifications and re contact to them to generate sales & conversions.

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