Why I Didn’t Purchase After Visiting Your Website?


Why I Didn’t Purchase After Visiting Your Website?

I didn’t buy any product from Your Website even after visiting because of the following reasons:

  1. Content is trash

I didn’t buy anything even after visiting your website was because your website’s content was trash. All content from normal blogs to product description was trash and it failed to persuade me in buying your product.

Make sure that your content is of high quality because content plays an important role in motivating the customers to buy your product as content catches their attention. Make your content attractive, crispy, short and also give it bold and effective headline to it.

  1. There was no social proof

I left your website because there was so social proof there and I was having a difficult time trusting your website and I doubted your website as I failed to see even one review about your product and this thing drive me away and I left without buying anything.

Make sure you are giving Social proof in your website that can be anything review, testimonial etc which acts like a proof that other people were happy and satisfied using the product that you seek. When others will see this they will trust your website and will complete their purchase. Social proof is a phenomenon in which people copy each other in order to copy a certain kind of behaviour. You can give a social proof using Social Proof Tools. The best tool that I recommend you to use is Fizfy Social Proof. It is trending as every business is using it and they are having nothing but a good time with this tool. Go and check it out here

Pricing of this software tool is very here is the link where you can start your 7 days free trial:

  1. Website is slow

I didn’t buy from your website because your website was very slow and it wasn’t taking a long time to respond. I wasn’t going to waste any time there.

People generally leave your website because it takes a lot of time to load and respond and they failed to see and reach the page they wish to see. So make sure that your website is fast.

  1. Pictures were nowhere to be found

I left your website without purchasing anything because there was no sign of a single picture and how do you expect me to buy anything or make my decision.

Pictures are a crucial part if you want to seal deals because pictures are what that gives customers confidence and trust in your product. Make sure to upload HD pictures of your product so that your customers can analyze them properly.

  1. Checkout process is very difficult

I didn’t buy anything from your website even after visiting because your website’s checkout process was very difficult and it was time-consuming and I got bored and annoyed so I was left with no choice but to leave that place.

Make sure that your website’s checkout process is very simple and straightforward so that your customers can buy whatever they want quickly and without any problem.

  1. Shipping price is too high

I was just about to complete my purchase and I was at the last step when I discovered your shipping price and it was way too high and I left your website. It wasn’t at all reasonable and that same product wad available at some different store with no shipping price.

Make sure that your shipping cost isn’t that high because if it is people will leave. If you aren’t making that much revenue than make sure that you are charging a reasonable amount but if you can always opt for zero shipping charges as people prefer that a lot and will never leave your website.

  1. There was no security

I left your website because I didn’t see any trust badges. There were not a single sign of the trust badges and your website wasn’t even offering a money-back guarantee and I feel risky in giving my money to you and also I wasn’t able to trust your product.

Make sure that you put trust signs in your website and you give them money-back guarantee option because it will make them trust you.

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