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How to Increase Clicks on Your Google Ad Words Ads PPC


How to Increase Clicks on Your Google Ad Words Ads PPC

1. Attractive ads

You want to increase clicks on your ad then it is must that you have an attractive ad. A bad looking ad will neither attract anyone’s attention nor will it get any clicks. Make your ad good looking and attractive so that it can catch a lot of attention and it will also get clicks.


2. Use social proof tools

It is the best way to Increase Clicks on Your Google Ad Words Ads PPC. Social Proof Tools will help you in giving social proof which will help you in getting more and more clicks. There are various social proof tools and all of them are so cool and best.

But I will ask you to use the best one which is Fizfy Social Proof. Fizfy social proof is the most powerful tool which influences visitors and attracts them and also skyrockets sales and conversions at the store. Give it a look here


3. You content in the ad must be short

Ok, you decided you want to make an attractive ad but how? With the help of content, without proper content, it will be incomplete and a lot of content or less content will make it hard for the ad to get any clicks. The content in your ad must be short and of high quality, because the content is the thing in the ad that everyone will read and that will create excitement and the hype for the product so it is obvious that it must be of high quality.


4. Headlines 

You want to increase your ad then use bold and effective headlines. The headline is the first thing that catches everyone’s attention in ads. You want to put a give a positive impression and want them to click on your ad then use attractive headlines. 


5. Make your ads work on mobile phones

You want more clicks then optimize your ads for mobile phones because millions of people are mobile users and if your ad is optimized for this then you will get many clicks on it.


6. Use images

Want to make an eye-pleasing ad and want to boost clicks then use images in it. An ad without image and the content without image is incomplete and an ad without an image will bore everyone. Use the picture that goes according to the content which will make your content and ad shine more.


7. Use famous keywords in your headlines

Making your headlines effective and bold is important but people won’t be able to find your ads if you don’t use famous or successful keywords. You have to use the famous one because in this way only you can rank them in top rankings of the search result and in this way people will be able to see your ads and you will get more clicks.


8. Videos

Showing your with the help of the videos is an excellent idea because it will give description about your product in the more depth and they will trust you more because you are clearing highlighting your product in the video. Using videos for the ad can be pretty expensive so decide based on your revenue but if you do you will lot of clicks.



9. Keep an eye on your competitors

You want to increase clicks on your ad then this hack is very effective. Keep an eye and track your competitors who are already successful because of their ads. Keep an eye on the strategies that they use like which keywords they use, etc so that you can learn from it and try it for yourself to increase your ads.


10. Remove underperforming ads and keywords

Want to boost your clicks on Google ads then follow this hack. For this, all you have to do is analyze and remove the ads and keywords that aren’t working for you because if you keep using them then it will just waste your time, money and efforts and also you won’t get any clicks.  

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