WooCommerce Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales


WooCommerce Marketing Techniques to Increase Sales

Woo-commerce is an eCommerce plug-in for WordPress. Woo-commerce is a fully customized e-commerce plug-in built especially for WordPress and it provides beautiful designs where you can sell anything. It has become the most famous eCommerce plug-in for WordPress for the last several years as more than 2 million websites use woo commerce.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a starter or an established business sales is and will always be an important concern because without it business couldn’t survive. If you aren’t selling anything online then you should completely do it and you can set up your store at woo commerce. Down below are the steps which explain how you can set up the store as a beginner.

Perks of eCommerce

With so much advancement in technology, you can easily sell your product just by sitting up at home. This century has made it possible that you no longer need to get out of the house and open up the store as you can do all that online. Setting up a store and website for it is very simple and you can do it as a side business. All you need to know is what you want to sale and platform where you will sale it.

Woo-commerce is the best eCommerce platform to set up your eCommerce business and setting up the store it is very simple.

You just need to follow some few steps. If you want to do woo-commerce marketing and improve your store here are a few steps to do so.

  1. You need to have a proper social media marketing strategy

With so much advancement in technology and people living in far places can connect so easily has made the social media marketing strategy a powerful tool. It is very important for your business that you know and follows the proper social media marketing strategy. You have to find an answer to the questions like what kind of customers you want to target and what kind of content you want to make? You have done all your planning around your customers because you want to impress them. Social media platforms have different platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. choose these platforms according to your business like if you are starting a fashion line or accessory store than Instagram is best for you for marketing as you can upload pictures and videos there. You will just waste your time if you promote it on Twitter. So choose these platforms according to your business.

  1. Put money in ads and sponsored posts

Well just setting up the store and promoting on social media platforms isn’t enough. There exists a thing called ads that exists for advertising so that you can reach more and more people. Invest money on Facebook and Google ads to widen your grasp. You can also reach a new audience by using sponsored posts in which you can ask influencers with a huge following on Instagram and Facebook. You can pay them to post your store’s product in their feed so that more you can reach more people.

  1. Concentrate on email marketing

It is necessary that you send emails to your customers as this way you can connect to them directly and you can always update them about new things in your website. it doesn’t matter whether they are your existing or new customer or you are getting them with the help of ads or through social media, you have to collect their ads and contact them regularly with the help of those mails.

  1. Select the best plug-in for your store

It is one of the many perks of having your store on a woo-commerce platform that you get a wide range of plug-in from where you can select your favourite which suits your store the best.

I recommend you to use the Fizfy plug-in which is the best and it is trending but firstly about Fizfy. This app provides one of the best social proof notifications.  Fizfy Social Proof helps in increasing the sales and turns your viewers on the website into the potential buyers and you will have an amazing experience with Fizfy Social Proof notifications. It allows you to use 40+ powerful widgets which you can use for convert your visitors into customers.

Use this You will have an absolute pleasure using this plug-in and it is the best plug-in that you can find out there in the internet world.

  1.  Learn on regular basis and always search for new ways to do things

Whether your store is successful or not it should never stop you from learning and finding new ways to do your business and attract customers. Always look for new, innovative ways to do business and always search for new inspiration. Don’t let settle yourself and don’t get comfortable. Always push yourself and find your new limits.


  1. Use the method of referrals

Referrals play an important role in increasing your business. Always seek out for new people as that are the only way you can survive. You can search for new people with the help of your existing customers. Ask them if they for any referrals as it can be anyone their friends, family or anyone and it return give them a discount or some gift. You are making them happy and you are also getting new customers as it is a win-win situation for you.


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